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Providing Mental Health Support to CSU Students

Support the CSU Counseling Center for Mental Health Awareness!!

CSU Lacrosse fundraiser for Mental Health Awareness!

Proceeds from this fundraising initiative, led by CSU Lacrosse, will be donated to the CSU Counseling Center!

Also, on Saturday, April 30, 2022 at noonET, the Cleveland State Lacrosse team will be playing Robert Morris in the Mental Health Awareness Game. Come out and support the team and mental health awareness!

Mental Health Need on Campus & How CSU's Counseling Center Supports Students

Mental Health Need on Campus: College students are struggling with increased rates of anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide that affect their ability to study. A recent study showed that 79% of college students endorsed a moderate or high level of stress in the last 30 days. And, 40% of students surveyed endorsed having thought about suicide in the last year. The stress and grief of the COVID-19 pandemic have also increased the need for mental health services, with students reporting increased academic distress, family distress, social anxiety, and disordered eating.

How CSU's Counseling Center Supports Students: Our mission is to support and empower our diverse student community through the provision of psychological services.  Our services are confidential and include individual counseling, couple's counseling, group counseling, psychiatry, case management, crisis intervention, consultation, and referrals.  These services are designed to help students cultivate their strengths and overcome obstacles to obtain their personal, academic, and career goals.  Likewise, we collaborate closely with our university and community partners to foster the personal, social, and academic well-being of our students and the university community.  

All gifts donated towards this initiative will be used for...

  • Fees to cover psychiatry appointments for students with demonstrated financial need
  • Materials, Advertising, and Incentives for outreach events
  • Funding anxiety and depression screening days
  • Purchasing technology needed for hybrid therapy groups
  • Creating a welcoming office space
  • Swag items for advertising
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