Join the effort to support the Michael Schwartz Library

The Michael Schwartz Library is more than just books! We offer some of the most popular study spaces on campus and provide access to computers, software, and loanable technology. We facilitate teaching, learning, and collaboration our our various classrooms, group study rooms, study carrels, and more. 

As Cleveland State University's center of research, learning, and creativity focused on student success, we use funds and partnerships to renovate spaces, update technology, and enhance our facilities to meet the mission of the University. 

While no one has ever graduated from the library, no one has ever graduated without it.

We invite you to review the Library's current priorities and support what matters most to you: 

  • Library Unrestricted Fund: 
    • This discretionary fund supports the Michael Schwartz Library with strategic, immediate priorities, ongoing operations and new opportunities. Your support for this fund gives us the flexibility to adapt and direct the resources to where they will do the most good, and ensures the library is responsive in anticipating and meeting the changing needs of students and faculty.
      • [Example] -- DDS Plans
      • [Example]-- Textbook center
      • [Example] Virginia study center
  • The Affordable Learning @ CSU Initiative
    • The Michael Schwartz Library has a history of providing affordable access to course materials through course reserves, regular circulating collections, and our borrowing networks. However, in recent year the library has taken a more active role in ensuring affordability of course materials through the Affordable Learning @ CSU Initiative, which has funded over 37 Textbook Affordability Grands for CSU facultysaving our students over $1 million in textbook costs. In addition, when possible, the library purchases required course materials as unlimited access eBooks which allows us to help even more students. Consider giving to the Michael Schwartz library to continue this important work to make course materials affordable for students! To learn more about the Affording Learning at CSU project, visit our website.
  • Special Collections, Local History &: Cleveland Memory
    • Our Cleveland Historical Materials Library Endowment, was establish for the purchase of local history materials for the Michael Schwartz Library's Special Collections department, home of the Cleveland Memory Project. Donor support grows, preserves and facilitates sharing of these unique and treasured collections that inform and inspire our students, not only broadening awareness of Cleveland State across the region and far beyond, but creating friends, supporters, and even volunteers, who now think of Cleveland Memory as "theirs", and Cleveland State as an asset to the community.
  • Friends of the Michael Schwartz Library
    • The Friend of the Library is closely associated with the Michael Schwartz Library, but is an independent organization who se purpose is to support the library in a number of different ways. By sponsoring programs of interest to students, faculty, and the general public, we hope to attract favorable attention for the library and interest in its activities. Our programs also provide continuing social and intellectual interaction between the University and the community. 

We encourage both monetary and in-kind gifts to the library, particularly special collections materials with strong links to the Cleveland area. The Friends also accept gifts of books, which may be sold, donated to the Michael Schwartz Library if librarians determine that they are appropriate for the collection, or given to other organizations. 

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